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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  March 2, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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coldplay in a live concert. thanks for watching, everybody. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> i'm not going to discuss that nonsense. i had nothing to do with it. do you understand english? that's not connected to anything today. >> more controversy for d.c. councilman marion barry. the push to keep them the districtting ic nationalcrats an convention. good morning. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. we want to start with rudin.logist steve >> good morning. looking at a friday morning that
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quiet. be it coming out a little before 7:00 this morning. 33 degrees at dulles airport, 43 at reagan national. a fast warmup during the early morning. sunshine. that will not last long clout. will increase midmorning into afternoon and maybe even a shower, or thunderstorm overnight. the next 48 hours shows clouds .ontinuing to increase midday a few showers during the early afternoon rush hour. better chance of showers and a few rumbles of thunder and early tomorrow morning. daytime highs today around 60 .egrees now to lisa baden. >> nice to have you with us this morning. green lights for everyone on 95 richmond and baltimore. in good shape on 81, 270, 70.
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no worries out of southern maryland. coming from frederick county on 270, looking at clarksburg, running nicely past germantown. bethesda andto american legion bridge. are clearing construction of the beltway at the george washington parkway. news. a >> we want to get started with focusingical battle barry. councilman marion >> there's a movement to prevent as a delegateng at the democratic national convention. vote will take place tomorrow will represent the district. he believes after winning 10 ahat he is ans spot -- a shoe-
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in. he has only missed a couple conventions in the last 40 years. political commentator chuck believes that marion barry's time on the national stage is over. >> he is connected to a time in past that is something we need to move away from. >> he said that he personally e former mayor but his tax troubles and his behavior during the last in 2008 is the reason. barry was accused of tossing his of a hotel room after she refused to perform sex at that time. >> i had nothing to do with that. now marion barry describes those issues as irrelevant now. >> i'm not going to discuss that nonsense. i had nothing to do with it. >> was embarrassing? >> dui understand english.
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understand english? infor democrats interested voting canceling by on saturday from 10:00 through 2:00 in the district. >> police are investigating a shooting in southeast the around 10:30 last in the 5000 block of h street. a man who shot in the head and died at the hospital. no arrests have been made. >> the showdown over marriage. maryland joins d.c. and seven in legalizing same- sex marriage now. >> the bill is done. >> governor martin o'malley signed the bill into law. beginddings will not maryland until next january. >> i think it's exciting, emotional. also think it's the right
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thing to do. and we move on to the next obstacle. next obstacle is a november.eferendum in opponents are gathering the nearly 56,000 signatures needed to put the question on the ballot. marylanders are split on the issue. >> metro riders could face delays this weekend. red line trains will not run shady grove and white flint. blue and will single between eastern market and stadium-armory. will singletrains between east and west s church. it begins at 10:00 tonight and until closing on sunday. at&t and makes a move that may upset even more of its smartphone users. the concept smartphone could affect new shopping. -- you shopping.
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>> more retailers are jumping on bandwagon for you to pay for with your smartphone. target and wal-mart are among two dozen retailers it to satisfy a number of consumers that want an easier way to make a payment. customer loyalty at at&t may be waning. at&t will start slowing the data speeds of customers with the old wireless plan once they reach a certain threshold. more people are using smartphones and tablets and at&t is struggling to keep up with data.crease in data how would you like a sprinkle on your cupcakes from machines?ed more on that later. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. that will require a little
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explanation. 4:36, 41 degrees. >> still ahead, a disturbing n camera.ght o a driver actually striking a man with his truck and then kept on going. what police say about the search driver. in bracing for more tornadoes in the midwest as residents clean from the earlier storms. first, traffic and weather here. storms. first, traffic and weather here. there's duke
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more tornadoes could sweep midwest and the south today. they could be even stronger than the twisters on wednesday. 14 people were killed in four illinois,luding , kansas, and tennessee. as burke, illinois, the wind reached 170 miles an hour. harrisburg, illinois. we are not expecting anything as severe. >> let's go to steve rudin >> . friday morning, a cold start. mainly clear skies outside at airport, 43nal degrees with the wind not a problem. it could be tomorrow. right now at dulles airport, 33.
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satellite and radar showing skies right now. clouds will increase throughout the afternoon. with that will come a chance of rumblesowers and a few of thunder. latertter chance will be tonight into early tomorrow morning. high temperatures today will be 60.nd calling for been out of the southeast at 10-15. pick up around 30 tomorrow.our we will take a look at the up ined outlook coming just a few minutes. baden.lisa >> it is a better morning. they did a lot of overnight atnstruction on the beltway 66, and landover and greenbelt. moving those barrels to decide. around the beltway i will give you the all clear. be leavingwill within the next few minutes. shape at the wilson bridge, the american legion bridge.
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a live picture of traffic moving quietly and new hampshire ave. errors everybody? -- where is everybody? back to you. >> thank you. rush limbaugh feeling the need for offensive comments he made student atale georgetown. have reaction. >> will he run for senate in ?irginia >> braced for u.s. senate in virginia. campaign adsyou virginia. campaign adsyou wow,
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>> welcome back. there's an effort to prevent marion barryan delicate to the democratic national convention in charlotte. a political commentator says marion barry's time on the stage is marion barry believes he will be selected during saturday's vote. for theators searching gunman behind a deadly shooting in southeast. one person was shot in the head h street around 10:30 last night. the hospital.d at what led to the shooting. maryland governor martin bill makingned a his state to the eighth state to marriage.ame-sex cannot beginings until 2013. opponents are gathering the rest ofo force random on the issue this fault force a referendum on the
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this fall. fau >> at route 1 and 198 a truck struck a driver. camera footage from the metrobus s what happens. the victim is in critical condition. police have not been able to him.ify believe the truck is a ford f250 with possible front-end damage. died in aarly silver spring school. lifeguards pulled the adult from about 7:30 last not breathing. the person began to show signs life from the hospital. no word on the person's age or gender. democrats narrowly blocked an effort by senate republicans to the president goes a mandate for board control coverage if. allowed thehave insurance companies and out of portions caree president's health
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found morally objectionable. that would have included the to cover birth control. is in trouble again. he made offensive comments about georgetown -- about a georgetown female student. >> i am am. >> personally offended. >> shocked. these georgetown students are rant takinglatest at women on their campus. >> i will buy all the women at georgetown university as much aspirin to put between their as they wal >> it is absurd. credits it is extreme. >> his comments followed an on georgetownay law students sandra fluke. she testified before
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congressional leaders last week birth control was thousands since it was not covered by the school. >> what does it say about the ollege coeds susan fluke who before a congressional committee and essentially says x?at she must be paid to gas- what does that make her? it makes her a slut, right? >> sandra fluke called his words .ut of bounds >> i was outraged, because this kind of language that is silence women historically. >> a bomb plot was called out to homelimbaugh's florida night but it appears to alarm sparked by a package that had wires inside. we reached out to him for not your backve from him. reporting.on
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>> thank you. the latest on the ohio school shooting. classes resumed today for the since monday's deadly shooting spree. three students were killed. four others wounded. funerals for the victims will be tuesday, and thursday. it charges were filed yesterday against 17-year-old t.j. lane in juvenile court. admitted to firing 10 shots at students in the school cafeteria. >> vote 2012. gop presidential candidates super tuesday. primaries and caucuses will be states next tuesday. than 400 delegates at stake. romney and sent from plotting to pull ahead of each other. gingrich has campaigned heavily getting back on top. ron paul hoping to pick up some delegates. later today president obama will travel to walter reed national military medical center in bethesda of where he will meet wounded service
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members. he demanded congress regulate oil and gas companies. the newest ad targets hank the cat from fairfax county. consideringis the ballot to replace virginia senator jim webb. never responded to allegations that he used cata -- cat nip. >> so far this campaign has not ad.ented on the >> that is getting him more and more attention. who sponsored ad. >> its friday morning, around 40 degrees. learn how a late rapper
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inspiration behind a musical. >> their 395 at 27. musical. >> their 395 at 27.
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friday morning, 43 degrees at reagan national airport. 42 at wtop in upper d.c..est wind gusts are not a problem.
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in oxon hill. alexandria, 38 degrees. across the area are colder off to the west. martinsburg, 31. 33 at dullesco, 43 at dulles airport. turn partly cloudy a good chance of showers this afternoon into the overnight. the next 48 hours on the futurecast, widely scattered around 4:00 this afternoon, not going to last long. arrives tomorrow morning. bring us a better of rumbles of thunder. once the front moves through, is degreesound 60 tomorrow. looking at increasing clouds today. temperatures around 55-60 degrees, wind out of the southeast at 10-15th. a look at the remainder of the weekend forecast and the extended outlook. first, lisa baden.
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>> you spoke about increasing clouds. about increasing volume of traffic. no accidents around the beltway. in good shape. are removing construction barrels. clean.retty nothing on 95 between richmond d baltimore. normal travel times on 70 and 270. looks good around the airport. have a good fight. here we are at fedex field in landover. a smooth transition. will go to newschopper 7 in a .ittle while stick around. back to you. >> thank you. 4:55. helpinge house dog is promote the white house easter rig role. >> he's wearing a pair of rabbit in the video and the t is april 9. the on-line lottery kicked off
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yesterday and will continue, until monday at 10:00 a.m. sign up online. go to our web site, get ready to hear the lyrics of tupac in apper musical. there is an open casting .all he had a 1992 song and the idea about eight or nine years ago and a director hopes to bring it to a stage in the next year or so. >> it's 41 degrees. >> a wild scene at philadelphia international airport. suv driver ended up on
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g up, a bold crime in broad daylight. police told surveillance video will help them find a hit-and- who critically man.ed a and a new political battle for n marion barry. who is fighting against as a delegate at the democratic national convention. atrush limbaugh takes aim students at georgetown. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. rise and shine, washington. it's


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